Laundry Service for Salons & Spas

Commercial Laundry Service for Salons & Spa

If you are a salon or spa owner in Norfolk, VA, washing your towels, blankets, linens, and uniforms can be quite a hustle. Opting for nonindustrial washers can lead to discoloration and staining of your towels.

Soaps N Dash offers professional salon and spa laundry cleaning services. We perfectly understand how imperative the excellent atmosphere of your salon and spa is, and we aim to ensure your towels and laundry are clean and smell great. You can rely on our commercial laundry services for your spa or salon.

Salon Laundry and Spa Laundry Services

We understand the need to ensure that your linen is clean and fresh. All your laundry is cleaned separately, ironed, and bagged back up for immediate use. Our primary goal is to provide all our customers with world-class laundry services, immediate delivery services, and 100% customer satisfaction.

We clean everything for you, from bed sheets, bath towels, facial clothes, hand towels, pillowcases, and head wraps. Our quick turnaround and professional services make us outstanding and very competitive in the market.

By choosing our services, you don't have to worry about your washing machine breaking down or your towels not being delivered on time. We strive for 100% professionalism and dependability on all our commercial laundry services.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Laundry Services at Affordable Prices

Fresh and clean salon and spa linen and towel can help promote a great customer experience. We offer professional spa and salon laundry services at a very affordable price. We price our services on a standard rate to ensure that all our customers can afford our professional services.

Quick Turnaround

The spa and salon industry is one of the highest demanding industries. Your business needs to have clean and fresh laundry around the clock. Our enterprise ensures that your laundry is cleaned as soon as possible for immediate use. We work around the clock to ensure your laundry is delivered as requested.

Free Pickup and Delivery Services

We are a commercial laundry service for salons and spas; thus, we ensure we offer dependable services for all our clients. We don't charge any carrier fee, and we will pick up and deliver your laundry for free. Our company does not attach any hidden fees.

Professional Laundry Services

When you choose our cleaning services, professional laundry service providers will clean your towels and linen. Our technology aims at producing gorgeous towels at all times. You don't have to worry about staining or discoloration of your towels. Our professional cleaners have the expertise to ensure your towels are clean and fresh.

Highly Experienced Team

We understand your salon and spa need to have a fresh and appealing environment for your customers. Our experienced team uses the proper detergents and cleaning methods to ensure your towels, bedsheets, and other linens are clean and stain-free. We strive to ensure your salon is always smelling fresh with our premium detergents and commercial laundry services.

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